Chimbu Province

chimbu-mapChimbu Province

Simbu, officially spelled Chimbu, is a Highlands Region province in Papua New Guinea. The province has an area of 6,100 km² and a...

Simbu Province, Info

simbu-01-800Simbu Province, Info

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Simbu Province

Bordered by Madang to the north and the Gulf to the south, Simbu is the heart of the...

Chimbu, Simbu, Province, Language Map

Western-Highlands--language-01-800Chimbu, Simbu, Province, Language Map

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SimbuChuave [cjv]Dadibi [mps]Dom [doa]Golin [gvf]Kuman [kue]Nomane [nof]Pawaia...

Tours, Mt Wilhelm Trekking Tours, Chimbu Province

Mnt-Wilhelm-01-800Mt Wilhelm Trekking Tours, Chimbu Province

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Mt Wilhelm Trekking...

Mindima Village, Chimbu tribe, Skeleton Performance

chimbu-tribe-03-800Mindima Village,  Chimbu tribe, Skeleton Performance

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We meet the people of the Chimbu tribe. They organize a dance...