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- Enga Province

enga-mapEnga Province, PNG

Enga is one of the provinces in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It is located in the north most region of the highlands of PNG...

Enga Province, language Map

Enga--language-01-800Enga Province, language Map

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EngaEnga [enq]Ipili [ipi]Kyaka [kyc]Lembena [leq]Pinai-Hagahai...

- Enga Province, Map and Districts

enga-districts-01Enga Province, Map and Districts

Enga Province shares a northern border with East Sepik
Province. The Central Range runs through the north of...

Enga Take Anda Tradition & Transition Centre, Wabag

Enga Take Anda Tradition & Transition Centre...

Enga Province, Info

enga-01-800Enga Province, Info

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Enga Province

One of the best adventures to be had is in the rugged province of Enga, located in the...

Lake Surunki, Enga Province

SDC10762Lake Surunki, Enga Province


There was a...

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