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Milne-Bay-map-01-800Milne Bay, Maps


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Milne Bay Province...

D'Entrecasteaux Islands

Milne-Bay-map-aminland-01-800D'Entrecasteaux Islands

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D'Entrecasteaux Islands /ˌdɒntrəˈkæstoʊ/ (French: [dɑ̃ tʁəkasto]) are situated...

Alotau, Milne Bay

alotau-01a-800Alotau, Milne Bay


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Alotau - Milne Bay

Alotau is the provincial capital of the Milne...

Kiriwina Island, Trobiand Islands, Milne Bay Province

Kirvina-01-800Kiriwina Island, Trobiand Islands, Milne Bay Province


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Kiriwina is the...

Boia Boia Waga, Milne Bay

Boia Boia Waga, Milne Bay, papua New Guinea.Boia Boia Waga, Milne Bay


Boia Boia Waga is just ashort dinghy ride from East Cape, but it offers...

Louisiade Archipelago

Milne-Bay-map-Louisiade-01-800Louisiade Archipelago

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The Louisiade Archipelago is a string of ten larger volcanic islands frequently fringed by coral...

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