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Birding, New Ireland

The stunning Fire-maned Bowerbird is endemic to the Adelbert Mountains and is one of the main targets of this tour (Ian Reid)Birding, New Ireland PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Birdquest's Remote Papua...

Fishing, New Ireland

fishFishing, New Ireland Fishing PNG are offering a perfect weekender live...

Cycling, New Ireland

niCycling, New Ireland

New Ireland CyclingThursday, May 2, 2002Sorrel is on the...

kayaking, New Ireland

kayakkayaking, New Ireland

Hit the New Ireland waters in a big way, with a unique kayaking sea...

Diving, New Ireland

divingDiving, New Ireland

Diving Papua New Guinea - New...

Malagan ceremonies, Langania village, New Ireland province

Malagan-01-800Malagan ceremonies, Langania village, New Ireland province

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Malagan (also spelled malangan or malanggan) ceremonies are...

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