- Oro Province, Northern Province Map and Info

oro-mapOro Province, Northern Province Map and Info

Oro Province, formerly (and officially still) Northern Province, is a coastal province of Papua...

Oro Province

oro-1Oro Province

Ijivitari District

Ijivitari District stretches south east of Popondetta and from the
Owen Stanley Ranges in the west across the...

Lamington Hotel, Popondetta, Oro

laThe Lamington Hotel, Popondetta, Oro


The Lamington Hotel  is a single storey, motel-style...

Oro Province, Language Map

Oro--language-01-800Oro Province, Language Map

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OroAeka [aez]Aneme Wake [aby]Arifama-Miniafia [aai]Barai [bbb]Bariji [bjc]Baruga [bjz]Bauwaki...

Northern Province, Oro, Info

oroNorthern Province, Oro, Info

Few people would expect to find fjords in Papua New Guinea; in fact the Tufi area on the south east coast of Oro...

Tufi Resort, Tufi Village, Oro Province

tufi-resort-01-800Tufi Resort, Tufi Village, Oro Province


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This personalised boutique resort is a hidden...

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