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- Sepik East Province

east-sepik-mapSepik East Province

East Sepik is a province in Papua New Guinea. Its capital is Wewak. East Sepik has an estimated population of 343,180 people...

Apangai village, Abelam Tribe, Maprik, East Sepik

Abelam-01-800Apangai village, Abelam Tribe, Maprik, East Sepik

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Abelam Tribe East Sepik

Abelan-01-400Abelam Tribe East Sepik


ETHNONYMS: Abulas, Ambelam, Ambelas...

East Sepik Province Info

East-Sepik-Province-mapEast Sepik Province Info

East Sepik Province covers the coastal plains, the end of the
Torricelli Mountains and the Prince Alexander Mountains in...

Ambunti, Gold Reserves

Ambunti Location map - Papua MiningAmbunti, Gold ReservesAmbuntiNumerous high grade gold occurrences in rock samples collected along the 16km long Ambunti Garamambu Trend (AGT)Gold...

East Sepik Province, Info

east-sepikEast Sepik Province, Info

The Sepik region is a wonderland of islands, beautiful coastlines, river systems and mountain ranges. Along with the...

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