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- Sepik West Map

west-Sepik-map-01PNG, Sepik West Map

Sandaun Province, officially West Sepik Province, is the north-westernmost province of Papua New Guinea. It covers an area...

Sepik West, Sandaun, Province, Language Map

Sandaun-language-01-800Sepik West, Sandaun, Province, Language Map

http://www.sil.org/pacific/png/show_lang.asp?list=Sandaun&by=provinceClick to Enlarge !SandaunAbau...

Sandoun, Sepik West Province Info

sandoun-pro-01-800Sandoun, Sepik West Province Info

Sandaun Province covers the north western corner of PNG,
along the border with West Papua in Indonesia. Plains...

The Kaningara Tribe of the Blackwater PNG

Kaningara-02-800The Kaningara Tribe of the Blackwater



In the...

Sepik River

sepik-river-01-800Sepik River

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The Sepik River (pronounced /ˈseɪpɪk/) is the longest river on the island of New Guinea, and after...

Vanimo capital of Sandaun Province, West Sepik

Vanimo-map--01-800Vanimo capital of Sandaun Province, West Sepik

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Vanimo is the capital of Sandaun Province in Papua New Guinea. It is...

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