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- Accomodation, Southern Highlands

Accomodation, Southern Highlands

Ambua Lodge

Tari, Southern Highlands Province - Hotels    
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Ambua Lodge is...

Wemso Lodge Tours

Wemso-Lodge-01-800Wemso Lodge Tours

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The world’s greatest tourist destinations offer cosmopolitan cities with lively nightlife, luxurious...

Ambua Lodge, Tari Gap, Southern Highlands

Ambua-Lodge-01-800Ambua Lodge, Tari Gap, Southern Highlands

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AMBUA LODGE, located at 7000 feet in the Tari Gap area borders on pristine mid...

Tubo Lodge, Lake Kutubu

Lake-Kutubu-01Tubo Lodge, Lake Kutubu, Southern Highlands

Tubo Lodge – Kutubu