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- Southern Highlands Province

Untitled-2Southern Highlands Province

Southern Highlands is a province in Papua New Guinea. Its provincial capital is the town of Mendi. According to...

Southern Highlands Province, Language Map

Enga--language-01-800Southern Highlands Province, Language Map

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Southern HighlandsAngal [age]Angal Enen [aoe]Angal Heneng [akh]Duna [duc]Edolo...

Huli people

huli-01-800Huli people

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The Huli are an indigenous people who live in the Southern Highlands districts of Tari, Koroba, Margaraima and...

Southern Highlands Province, Info

rondo-ridge-01-800Southern Highlands Province, Info

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Rondo Ridge Retreat

Named ‘The Papuan Wonderland’ by explorers who discovered these...