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Western-Highlands-01-800Western Highlands Info

Angalimp South Wahgi includes the Kubor Range, the Wahgi
Valley on the south side of the Wahgi River and Minj Valley. It

Western Highlands Province, Info

Suli-Muli-01-800Western Highlands Province, Info

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From the lowland rainforest, to alpine grasslands, and the shrouded misty peaks, Western...

- Western Highlands Province, Map

PNG---Western-HighlandsWestern Highlands Province, Map

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Western Highlands is a province of Papua New Guinea. The provincial capital is Mount...

Western Highlands Province, language Map

Western-Highlands--language-01-800Western Highlands Province, language Map

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Western HighlandsBo-Ung [mux]Kandawo [gam]Maring [mbw]Melpa [med]Narak [nac]Nii...

Paiya Village, Western Highlands

Piaya-Village-01-800Paiya Village, Western Highlands

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Paiya Village - the chief, his brother and wives. They dress up for visitors but prefer the...